Hammerhead Spinners are constructed of thin, light-weight stainless steel, which allows you to fight the fish, not 10 lbs of hardware.

4/0 = 4" spinner length
5/0 = 5" spinner length

To order e-mail what you would like and I can send you a Pay Pal Invoice, or call

4/0 Price: $14.95 stainless steel / $15.79 stainless steel with UV / $16.95 aluminum
5/0 Price: $15.95 stainless steel / $16.79 stainless steel with UV / $17.95 aluminum


FL410 / FL510: Silver                                  (with Silver back)
FL411 / FL511: Mother of Pearl                  (with Silver Back)
FL417 / FL517: Golden Mirror                    (with Silver back)
FL425 / FL525: Dark Green Mountain Dew (with Silver back)
FL430 / FL530: Monkey Puke                      (with Silver back)
FL435 / FL535: Crystalina Watermelon        (with Silver back)
FL437 / FL537: Watermelon Mirror              (with Silver back)
FL442 / FL542: Sunrise                                 (with Silver back)
FL455 / FL555: Light Blue                             (with Silver back)
FL460 / FL560: Blue                                      (with Silver back)
FL463 / FL563: Light Green Dew                  (with Glow Green back)
FL465 / FL565: Green and Chartreuse           (with Glow Green back)
FL467 / FL567: Rod Hog Special                   (with Silver back)
FL468 / FL568: Rod Hog 2                           (with Silver back)
FL469 / FL569: Confusion                            (with Silver and Glow back)
FL470 / FL570: Kelly Green                        (with Glow Green back)

FL471/ FL571: Mean Green      NEW          (with Glow Silver back)
FL472 / FL572: Lake Trout Killer                  (with Silver back)
FL473 / FL573: Yellow Mountain Dew         (with Green Glow back)
FL475 / FL575: Chartreuse                           (with Glow back)
FL495 / FL595: UV                                      (with Silver back)
FL496 / FL596: UV and Chartreuse             (with Silver back)



UV435 / UV535: UV Crystalina Watermelon (with UV back)
UV437 / UV537: UV Watermelon Mirror       (with UV back)
UV450 / UV550: UV Black and Purple           (with UV back)
UV455 / UV555: UV Light Blue                     (with UV back)
UV457 / UV557: UV Bruiser                           (with UV back)


AL4212 / AL5212: Wonder Bread with Black Strip  (with Silver back)

AL4215/ : Wonder Bread   (with Silver back)
AL4222 / AL5222: Frost Bite                                   (with Silver back)
AL4235 / AL5235: Crystallina Watermelon              (with Silver back)

AL4245/ AL5245: Lady Bug NEW (with Silver back)
AL4262 / AL5262: Froggy                                        (with Silver back)

AL4264/AL5264: Blue Frog (with Silver Back)